Wind|Farm: A Proposal

Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio

Schematic  2013

Schematic 2013

The distinction between the fine and the useful arts must be forgotten. If history were truly told,
if life were nobly spent, it would be no longer easy or possible
to distinguish the one from the other.

                                                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson, Art, 1841

Wind|Farm is a proposed, 500 square foot, energy park located outside the Wexner Center for the Arts and across from The Ohio State University main campus Oval. Its centerpiece includes a 70-foot tall, gold gilt, wind turbine generating electricity for displaying new video works in the Wexner Center galleries. Wind|Farm culminates a trio Living Culture Initiative artworks here (see Beanfield and The Virtual Pasture), and will complete rotation of this site from flowerbed, to working garden, to orchard and livestock pasture, to carbon storage bank and green-energy park.

OSU students with windmill 1980  (left),  proposed turbine 2013  (right)

OSU students with windmill 1980 (left), proposed turbine 2013 (right)